When should I use recurring jobs?

Recurring jobs are great for field service professionals who perform ongoing work for customers (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) This is especially helpful for professionals working in industries such as: cleaning companies, pool service companies, lawn care companies, carpet cleaning, etc. Now, instead of having to remember and manually schedule these jobs, you can set up and schedule all of your recurring jobs at once and in advance.

Here’s how to set up recurring jobs in Workiz:

1 Login to your Workiz account.
2. From the side-navigation bar, click +Add new…
3. From the pop-up window, select Add New… Job.
(Note: It is only possible to set up recurring jobs for a new job, and not an existing job.)
4. The Job Details Screen opens.
Fill out the required details for the job such as the Contact Information, Client Information, etc.
5. Find the Schedule section.

This section allows you to set and control the details of your recurring job
such as:
a. Job Starts: Select the date and time that the first job in the series begins.
   b. Job Ends: Select the day and time the first job will be completed.
   c. Recurring Jobs Dropdown: Select whether the job is recurring, and at what duration. You can either choose the preconfigured intervals, or select “Custom.”
   d. Job Stops: Select whether the job stops after a certain number of appointments or on a certain date.
   e. Create Jobs: Decide how many days in advance you would like this job to be created.
(Before this time it appears on your calendar as an un-editable appointment,  under status “not created yet.” This is so this does not affect your statistics and reporting.

6. Fill out any remaining information on the Job Details Screen.
7.  Click Submit Job, at the bottom the screen.

Here’s what recurring jobs look like on your Workiz Calendar:Jobs:

Future Appointments in the Sequence (Future Recurring Job):


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