Workiz includes all the restrictions you need to manage your teams' access levels.

One commonly used restriction for field teams is the 'Assigned Job' restriction.

Users with this restriction will only be able to view jobs and messages that are assigned to them. They won't have access to anything else.

This way your users will only see their schedule when opening the app and be able to concentrate on what needs to get done.

Restricting a User

1. Click the top gear icon and then 'Settings' from the drop menu.

2. Under 'Users & Roles' click 'Roles Management'.

3. Click the role you wish to apply this restriction to or create a new one.

4. On the 'Actions' tab, search for 'Other Users Jobs' and make sure the button shows 'RESTRICT'.

5. Click 'Save' to make this change live.

All users with this role will now only be able to see:

  • Jobs assigned to them.

  • Messages sent to them.

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