Workiz allows you to set custom roles that will decide what each user can see or do.

Any user can be assigned to any role and by that restricting the actions they can perform in the application.

The roles can be assigned to any user by editing the user.

When you first create an account we include 4 main roles for you. You can always edit them or add new ones.

Modifying your account roles

1. Click the top gear icon and then settings from the drop-down

2. Click the Roles management tab

3. To edit any role click the row.

4. In the pop-up, you can switch any restriction to on Allow or Restrict.Restrictions are divided into three sections

  1. Actions - pre-made restrictions for actions and views on your account (Can only view own jobs, Can close jobs, Can edit job settings...)
  2. Reports - Restrict specific reports.
  3. Advanced - A more custom level restriction options, restrict by service area, a group of users or status of a job.

5. When done modifying the restriction for this role. click save and changes will be applied for all users immediately.

Assigning a role to a user

1.Click Team from the left menu

2. Edit the user you wish to apply the role to:

3. Click the User role drop down and select the role you wish to apply to this user.

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