Items, products, and services are preconfigured items that can be added to your jobs, invoices, and estimates within Workiz.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Add a new item, product, or service to your product list in Workiz

  2. Add your newly created item, product, or service to an existing job

How to Add a New Item, Product, or Service to Your Product List in Workiz

  1. Go to Settings.

2. Under 'Job Settings' click on 'Items & Products'.

3. Select 'Add New'.

4. Choose the type of item you are adding from the dropdown:

  • Product

  • Service

  • Hours

  • Expenses

5. Add a name for your product/hour/expense in the 'Title' field.
6. Enter the price for this product/hour/expense in the 'Price' field.
7. For the 'Taxable Item', this field is automatically set to 'Yes'. To turn this off, click the toggle to turn it to 'No'.

8. Enter the unit cost to the 'Unit Cost' field.
9. Enter a description in the 'Item Description' field.
10. Enter a Serial # in the 'Part Serial #' field.

Note: All of these items can be changed once they are added to a relevant job, estimate, or invoice.

11. Press Save.
12. This new product/hour/expense has now been added to your Items & Products list.

How to Add Your Newly Created Item, Product, or Service to an Existing Job

Once you’ve added a new item, product, or service to your Workiz field service management app, you can now add it to a specific job, estimate, or invoice.

1. Select a job from 'Job' or 'Schedule'.

2. Click the 'Items' tab.
3. Select 'Add Item'.

4. Now search for the product/hour/expense that you added to Workiz.

5. Review your item’s Quantity, Price, Unit Cost, and Item Description.

Note: You can change any of the details for this specific job.

6. Click 'Save'.

The item has now been added to your job and appears as an 'Item' under Job Items.

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