In this article, you will learn how to attach files and images to jobs using the Workiz web app on desktop.

Workiz allows you to upload files and images to jobs, estimates, and invoices that you can send to your clients as standalone files or as part of an estimate or invoice.

Tip: The custom fields add-on in Workiz takes files and images to the next level, allowing you to make attachments a requirement for all or specific jobs. You can also automatically include those custom fields on invoices and estimates.

To learn more about custom fields, please see this article.

How to attach files

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Jobs

  2. Select the job you want to attach files to

  3. Select the Files tab

  4. Next to Job Files, select Upload

  5. Select the file you want to upload

    Note: You can only upload image files using this feature. If you would like to send text-based documents, please ensure it is a PDF file.

Once you upload a file, you can select it to make changes to the filename and file description.

How to send files to clients

Once you upload a file to a job, those files will be available to be attached to all estimates and invoices linked to the job. You can send the files to a client as a standalone file or as part of an estimate or invoice.

Sending standalone files

  1. Next to the file you want to send, select the kebab menu (three dots) icon > Send

  2. Complete the Send file fields:

    1. Email: Enter the email address that you want to send this file to

    2. Subject: Enter a subject line for the email message

    3. Message: Enter a brief message referencing the attached file

    4. Select Send

Sending files with estimates and invoices

Once you have uploaded a file to a job, you can send it to your clients as part of an estimate or invoice. To learn more about sending files with an estimate or an invoice on the mobile app, please see the following articles:

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