Upload files and images to jobs, estimates and invoices, which you can then send to customers. You can send before and after pictures, waivers of cancellations, warranties, pictures from a job or anything else.

Just upload the images of files, add a description, and send it off to your customer.

How to add files and images to a Job from your computer?

1. Click on one of your jobs

2. Click on the 'Files' tab on the right

3. Click on the 'Upload' button to attach your file or image. 

4. Once your file has been added, you can view and edit your file info.

  • View your attachment: Click the file icon

  • Edit your file name and description: Click on the text description. You can change the file name and add a description. Click Save, to save any changes made.

Send an invoice with files and images attached

1. Click on one of your jobs
2. Click the 'Items' tab to create an invoice.

3.  Click' 'View Invoice'

4. The Invoice screen appears. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the 'Invoice Attachments' section.

  • To view your files attached to this invoice: Click the file icon 

  • To add a new file to this invoice: Click Add Attachments.

  • To delete a file attached to this invoice: Hover over the text located to the right of the file icon and click the Delete button.

5. Scroll to the top of the page and click on 'Send'

6. The 'Send Invoice' screen opens.
Fill in the required info, and select whether to send this by sms or email to your customer.

7. Your client should receive an email or an sms with their invoice, attached with all relevant files or images.

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