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Importing Your Clients to Workiz
Importing Your Clients to Workiz

Learn how to easily import your client list into Workiz

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You can import your clients into your Workiz account by preparing a CSV file. CSV (which stands for Comma Separated Values) is a type of spreadsheet which can be exported from any modern app, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel.

Our import process takes the data from your spreadsheet and transfers it to Workiz so that you aren't left hanging with missing information.

Step 1: Prepare Your List

  1. Include a header line in your file. This will let Workiz know what information each column holds. If you need an example of how the file should look, you can download this example.

2. Once your file is ready, make sure you save it as a CSV document (File -> Save as).

Step 2: Starting the Import

  1. Go to Settings.

2. Under 'Import' click on 'Client Import'.

3. Click on 'Upload file' and choose the CSV file from your computer

4. Check the fields to ensure that everything matches up (example - make sure that the first name on your file matches the first name field on Workiz).

Note: We'll automatically match up the known fields and notify you if we could not match certain fields. However, it's always best if you double-check.

5. Click 'Start importing'.

6. Your import should begin immediately. The import can take minutes or hours depending on your file size.

Once the import is complete, you will get an email notification.

Import Errors

For a successful import, clients need to have at least a phone number or email.
You can always check your import page and see if there were clients that were not imported (and how many).

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