A client can have multiple locations and one billing address.
You can manage and modify those.

Viewing client locations

Go to clients and click on your client's name
Tip: You can use the search box to find a specific client.

In the clients page, under the properties tab you can see a list of locations for this client, edit them or add new ones.

Adding a job for a service location

If your client has more then one location, when you click actions and then add job, a list of available locations will pop up.

Or you can just choose, create new location to enter a job for this client using a new address.

On your jobs and invoices

When you create an invoice within a job, that invoice will show the billing address and the service address for this client.
Tip: you can customize what is shown on any document

Invoices/ Estimates not linked to a job

Invoices and estimates not linked with a job will only show the clients billing address since no service address was specified.

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