Workiz lets you sync your schedule to third party calendars that work with the Ical format.
This includes services like Google calendar and Ical for mac and iPhone.

Sync Limitations

Workiz schedule only syncs one way. This means that you can see your jobs, leads and tasks on your third party calendar but not the other way around. Workiz jobs and tasks need more information than the name and location and at this time we do not support two-way syncing.

Setting Up

To sync your schedule first, make sure the Calendar sync addon is enabled by navigating to “Add-ons” and turn the “Calendar Sync” option on.

Next, go to your schedule from the left navigation. You should see a new button on top labeled “Calendar sync”.
After clicking this option you should get two options.

1.Get a URL that you can subscribe to from any calendar that allows Ical subscriptions.
You can click the green button next to the URL and copy the address to clipboard.
2.Export your current schedule as an ICS file that you can import to any calendar.

Adding To Google Calendar

In google calendar, click the arrow icon next to “Other calendars” from the left section.
Next, click “Add by URL” and paste-in the URL you copied from Workiz.
You can add notifications to upcoming jobs by clicking the Gear-icon from the top right and selecting “Settings”.
Under the calendars tab, you will have an option to add notifications to any of your calendars.

Important notice: Workiz has no control over the refresh frequency of Google’s calendars. Google calendar usually refreshes every 24 hours, if you have changes in your immediate schedule you should notify your techs by SMS or Email.

Adding Your Calendar To And Iphone

In your Iphone go to:
Settings” -> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” -> “Add Account

Select “Other” from the list of providers.

Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”

Now paste-in the URL provided by Workiz and hit “Next

In the following screen simply click “Save” and you are done.

You can now see your jobs in your Iphone Calendar.

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