You can customize your documents to include all the information you need with your favorite design.

Your document templates

Go to 'Settings' from the top-right gear icon and then click 'Documents'.

Here you will see a list of your document templates.

To make changes to any document simply click the relevant 'Name'.

The Template Editor

The template editor allows you to completely change the way your invoices, estimates, and work orders look and what information is included.

Using a pre-made template

You can select from a few ready-made design documents to save time.
Simply click the design you'd like to use and if you like it click 'save'.
Once saved, all your documents (according to the type you are editing: invoice, estimate, etc.) will be shown with the new design.

Customizing the layout 

You can use the Tools tab and layout to drag and drop new sections to your document or move things around.

Text styles

When you click inside a text or table you can select font sizes, formatting options, and colors for your text.

Using Values to Add Details

You can add job/client/account information to your template by using Short-codes.
Short-codes are replaced when you actually use the template to create an invoice or estimate.

will actually be
Mon, July 7 2018 on your invoice.

To add a new short-code, click in any text box and from the top options and click 'Insert values'.

Select the type of information you are looking for and click the desired one to insert it to your text box.

You can find any information like client addresses, invoice totals, and other custom fields that you created.

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