Workiz allows you to track your team’s location and dispatch jobs more efficiently.

Location tracking can be done via the Mobile app  or using Workiz on a mobile device.

Note: You can only track pro users (with log in).

1. Turn On Location Tracking For A User

Go to your “team” section from the left menu.
Next edit the user that you wish to turn on location tracking for.

If this is a Pro user, On the bottom you will have an option for” Location tracking.
Select “track user location” to enable it for this user.

2. Setting Up The Mobile App

To track a user’s location via the mobile app, first instruct your employees to download the app from the App Store or from Google Play if using an Andoird phone.

Once the app is installed, they will be prompted to allow “Workiz” to track their location.
In the App:
1.Tap the top left menu icon.
2.Tap “Settings”
3.Tap “Location Settings”
4.Now turn on the location tracking switch.

3. Set your schedule
Your mobile team probably doesn’t want you tracking them 24/7, so they may set up a weekly schedule that sets when their location will be tracked.

Location Tracking With Mobile Browsers

If your team prefers to use Workiz Mobile from a mobile browser, their location will be updated every time they load a page and preform actions while logged in.
When your user logs in for the first time (Once tracking is enabled) he will be prompted to allow Workiz to use the device location.
Tap OK to start updating.

Using The Map To View Your Team

You can view your jobs and team using the map option from your left navigation.

In the map view click the tech tab on the left to view  your teams location.
Click any tech to view when was he last seen


1.Location is not tracked on Iphone(IOS)
You may need to make sure you device privacy settings are allowing Workiz to send your location.
In your Iphone go to “Settings”
Go to “Privacy”
Go to “Location” services
Make sure that “Location services” is switched on.
Scroll down and look for the “Workiz” app.
Change location services for Workiz to “Always”

2.Location is not tracked on Android (Android)
In your Android phone
Open your Settings app
Tap “Security & location”
Tap “Location”
Turn location to on

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