In this article, you will find out how to close a job once it's done.

How to close a job:

  1. From the left-hand navigation bar, select 'Jobs'.

2. Click the job that you wish to close.

Note: if your job has a balance, you'll still be able to see (on your dashboard, clients, and invoices) that there is a payment due for this job.

3. Change the job status to "Done".
This will indicate that it is no longer on your to-do list.

How to close a job from the mobile app?

1. Click the job that you wish to close.

2. Under 'Job Status' click on the current status.

3. Change the status to 'Done'

Note: Alternatively you can always move a job to the 'Canceled' status, indicating that this job was not completed This will also remove it from your schedule and lists.

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