Workiz has 2 types of users that you can set for your team.

1.Pro user

A pro user is a user that can login to your account via the web or mobile app, view the schedule, make changes and send location updates .

You can restrict this user's access by setting certain restrictions that will, for example , only show their assigned jobs or would stop them from changing a done job.

Pro users have a monthly fee added to your bill according the pricing plan you signed up for.

Good for: managers, dispatchers, field techs and anyone that needs access to your account/

2.Free user

A free user can not login to your account.
A free user can however be assigned to jobs and receive Email and SMS notifications.
The user can also confirm jobs by a link sent to his phone.

Good for: Sub contractors, part time/ on demand employees 

Changing the user type:

Go to "Team" and select the team member you wish to edit.
Next click the drop down menu and change the "user type" to either pro or free.

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