Workiz allows you to set custom roles that will decide what each user can see or do.

Any user can be assigned to any role and by that restricting the actions, they can perform in the application.
Each role has its own set of restrictions that you can change or even create new ones.

Note: roles and restrictions only apply to pro users while using the web or mobile app

When you signed up for your account, Workiz has created 4 main roles that cover the basic jobs within most organizations:
Admin - no restrictions at all
Manager - Restricted from user management and main account settings
Dispatch - restricted from settings, and some reports
Tech - restricted from settings, reports, and any job that was not assigned to them

You can always change those and add new ones of your own (Example: "Shift manager" ...)

1. Assigning a role to a user

  1. Click 'Team' from the left menu.

2. When you create or edit a user, you can select a role from the drop-down.

This will determine what this user can and can not see when they log in.

Managing Restrictions (Modifying your account roles)

1. Click the top gear icon and then 'Settings' from the drop-down

2. Under 'Users & Roles' click on 'Roles management'

3. Click on one of the roles to edit it.

4. Go over the 'actions' and Reports' tabs and edit your restrictions.

  1. Actions - pre-made restrictions for actions and views on your account (Can only view own jobs, Can close jobs, Can edit job settings...)

  2. Reports - Restrict specific reports.

For example:
You wish to  allow field techs to only view their assigned jobs - You would switch the "Other users jobs" option to restricted

You wish to block dispatchers from changing closed jobs -
You would switch the  "Modify done jobs" to restricted  

*Workiz has a restriction option for almost any screen or action, combine and make changes according to the positions in your business.

Advanced Restrictions 

Advanced restrictions are custom level restriction options, restrict by a group of users' status of a job or metro.

So for example you can decide the techs will have accesses only to jobs into their metro areas, that that will see only the job of pacific techs in their team and that they can only see jobs that are in progress.

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