How we charge for  call tracking

With Workiz's phone system features, you pay as you go using a pre-paid  balance.
You can set your own budget and decide when it  is recharged.


Every-time you purchase a new number or receive a call the cost is deducted  from your pre-paid balance.
When the balance runs out (or reaches your defined limit) your card will be charged and the balance will be reloaded.
Your voice billing settings are under:
Billing -> Voice

Auto recharging your balance

You can turn auto-renewal to on and keep everything running automatically.
In the voice billing section there are 3 options.
"If balance falls below" - When your  balance  falls under this figure.
"Charge me another" - We should charge this amount.
"Auto renewal" - Should we auto recharge your balance?

So for example:
if your balance limit is $20 and your  recharge amount is $40 and your auto-recharge  is set to "On".
When ever  your  voice balance falls under  $20 we will  charge another $40

How can i see my usage

We try to stay as transparent as possible when  it comes to billing and payments.
You can always go to Billing -> Voice
And use the built in report to see your usage.

You can clearly see what was your cost every day for calls, numbers and toll free numbers.

Learn more about voice

Voice is a great  and proven way to amp up the efficiency of your business.
You can learn more about voice from these resources:
Call tracking
Call masking for field techs

Or you can chat with us to learn  how it can  help your business goals. 

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