Workiz lets you take payments online.
Every one of your invoices has a link that you can email or text to your clients from Workiz, allowing them to  submit a payment using any device.

Settings up a stripe account

Go to and  click "Create account".
Once you are logged in click "Developer" from the left menu

Next, click on the  "API keys" option.
In the main section, you will now see two keys(long hashed passwords)
Please copy the Secret key.

Allowing Workiz to create charges

Stripe prefers that all payments will be collected in their interface.

Workiz has all the security requirements needed to send the transaction so this option needs to be enabled.
To enable Workiz sending payment request to your stripe account, go to  Business settings and then integration and switch the process payments unsafely to on

Connecting Stripe with  your Workiz account

In Workiz, go to your "Settings".

Next under "Integrations" Click "Payment gateways".
Select  the "Stripe" tab.

And then paste your API key from the previous section.
Click "Update" and you are ready to go.

Sending A Payment Request

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