One of the most important things for service business owners is to have a good

business reputation and to make sure dispatchers and techs offer the absolute best customer experience.

Field service businesses are especially hard to monitor because you can't actually

know what's going out in the field. Why do some jobs get canceled? And how can you

make sure that your customers keep coming back?

Workiz offers a one-of-a-kind solution called call masking.

Call masking helps you ensure that your techs answer all incoming calls on time and offer your clients a great customer experience. Essentially, you’re reducing the chance of job cancelations.

How can call masking help my business grow?

  1. Your techs and clients can only connect through your Workiz number: With call masking, your techs and clients can’t see each other's actual phone numbers. This will ensure that your clients stay yours and that all client calls reach your business line (and not a tech's personal phone number).

  2. Everything is tracked and recorded: All client and tech calls are recorded and automatically saved under the relevant job and client page. From the job and client page, you can see the full timeline of notes, calls, and text messages.

How to set up Call Masking?

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